A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

B8 v1.0


WASD or Joystick : Movement
Left or Right Shift : Dash
Left Click or Ctrl : Fire
Escape : Main Menu

Your goal is to get rid of everyone on the map while avoiding the Mods.
You aren't quick enough to fight them one on one so you'll have to use your wits to get them to fight each other.

Easter Eggs: ~1

Music By Burning-Mir and Percypersimmon of Freesound.org

Sound effects were made using bfxr.net

This was made in 3-4 days for the 2015 AGDG Waifu Jam. Sometimes the camera hitches on buildings.
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StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tagsagdg, bait, Game Jam, meme, troll, waifu

Install instructions

Download either the Windows or Linux zip file

Extract the files to your preferred destination

Open the .exe or .x86

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B8 Windows.zip 16 MB
B8 Linux.zip 18 MB